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Security Alarms

A security system is a combination of keypads, detectors, and alarm communications. The sophistication of the system depends on the application but many control panels have features that can help protect against tampering, electrical surges and telephone line cuts. We will explain all of the available options and how they can influence the level of protection that you need.

The heart of your basic security system is the control panel. The panel connects all of the devices to the main user interface points such as a keypad or wireless key. It also communicates alarm events to the central monitoring station.

The first line of defense are door & window contacts. These monitor the perimeter of the building, and can be used to indicate that someone has entered or exited the building. They are also available in wireless.

The second line of defense are motion detectors. They come in standard and pet-immune versions. Dual-detection technology requires motion and heat detection for activation. Glassbreak detectors are also available to detect the sound of broken glass.

The third line of defense are smoke detectors. They detect both smoke and extreme heat. By alerting the monitoring station of the nature of the alarm, it allows for quick dispatch of the fire department.

We can also provide additional protection with Carbon Monoxide, water detection and low temperature detection, as well as remote access.

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Our monitoring rate is competively priced at only $18 per month plus GST. Our ULC Listed Monitoring Station is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not lock you in to a multi-year contract. Many home owners receive a substantial discount on their home insurance when monitoring their security systems.

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